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Costa Rica Symbiosis*


It is born with the need to offer a unique, tailored personal experience, where collaboration between tourism professionals is absolutely guarenteed, and the time used is taken to it’sfull advantage. You set the pace and I adapt my self to you.

I plan little or not at all touristy routes (those that do not appear in the guides) where you are the protagonist.

I am your  personal assistant  on your adventure, travelling in an independent and safe way, from the moment you land until you take off to return to your place of origin.

I am  Spanish citizen that used to be a tourist. My view is to go out of the «popular» circuit where the routes are very «hackneyed» in order for you to be the first – or one of the very few – to print your mark …ALWAYS COMMITTE TO A GREEN FOOTPRINT, RESPECTFULL TO THE ENVIRONMENT.


The destinations are to chosen  so that your experiences bear the stamp of authenticity, personal service, and the guarantee of beeing different.

I put my best interest and dedication  to what you want or seek, but even if you have very defined what you want, I offer a range of possibilities for you to choose, always in the hands of the best professionals, guide naturalists, biologists, ornithologists, herpetologists, nature photographers, experts in tropical fauna and flora, adventure activities, accommodations, etc.

Quality guaranteed by the best…

This is my purpose;  your satisfaction!!

A water hug,




specialized biology a relationship between two types of animal or plantin which each provides for the other the conditions necessary for itscontinued existence

a relationship between people or organizations that depend on each other equally

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  1. marrocafont dice:

    A todos aquellos que habéis acudido a mí para confeccionaros un «viaje a medida» a mi querido paraíso, agradecería que dejarais vuestros comentarios sobre vuestra experiencia. Muchas gracias…

    Me gusta

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