Private Spanish classes


I’m a Spanish citizen born in Madrid and I’ve been living in Costa Rica for the past six years.

I’ve a practiced my profession as a voice actor and broadcaster for almost twenty years, the 

former on very popular series like: CSI MIAMI, SCRUBS, 24H, ALIAS, and others: and the latter

mostly in the audiovisual field: jingles and radio, spots for TV and cinema.

Here’s a sample of my work as a voice actor.

Since I moved to Costa Rica, I’ve been teaching Spanish private lessons in Sámara for foreigners who are curious to learn what today is the second most sponken language in the world.

I have taught in a private international homeschool for two years, with students aged between 5 and 17 years old.

Besides Spanish, I also taught social studies and environmental education.Currently I am also giving revision lessons on all subjects for primary, middle and high school.

I teach Spanish to both, adults and children.

I adapt to the needs of each student, always in a peaceful, calm atmosphere, trying to implement what they have learned in a fun way…

It’s about the enjoyment of learning.

As you know I am passionate about nature, and if  you’d like I will gladly share my knowledge about tropical fauna and flora while walking in Sámara, I will be your guide…

Moreover , you shall Know Costa Rican customs, sayings, there most common words and their colloquial use.

So…I wait for you.

See you soon.!


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